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Vegan Food in Tokyo – My Best Recommendations!

November 30, 2019

Oh my – I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time. My blog has covered many guides to vegan places in Kyoto, so it was really inevitable that the next place to cover would be Japan’s capital – Tokyo!
Many of you have asked me for recommendations of vegan places in Tokyo, so on my last business-trip there, I took your request seriously and extended my stay to… well – try lots of vegan food!

As a world traveler, I know just how important it is to read recommendations from people who have actually visited the place and tried the food. Therefore, I couldn’t be happier preparing and writing this post for you.

Similarly to Vegan restaurants in Kyoto, it is important to keep in mind all the principles I wrote about in this post. Restaurants and cafes in Japan may be quite different from what you know in your country. It’s always best to know what to expect so you won’t be disappointed.

Here we go – these are my best recommendations for vegan food in the big city!

vegan food in Tokyo

T's TanTan – Ueno Station

Located in Ueno Station (note that you actually have to pass the ticket gates). T’s TanTan feels like any ordinary ramen shop, so you really don’t feel like you’re in an entirely vegan restaurant. They even have a kawaii dessert on the menu. I really liked the casual feeling of going there.

After quite a bit of thinking, I had the vegan pork meat set. I’ve never had real pork, so I really don’t know what it tastes like in comparison – but to me it was delicious. The meals are really affordable, so even as a budget backpacker, you can enjoy this great place.

They also sell a few vegan products. I bought the cup ramen, so I could avoid being stuck hungry whilst I was traveling in Japan.

vegan food in tokyo

T's TanTan – Tokyo Station

If you’re waiting for your train at Tokyo Station, you should really stop by! Sometimes there can be quite a wait, so if you’re counting on it make sure you have enough time. Tokyo Station is not a place I would recommend rushing in.

The menu is a little different from the T’s Ueno branch, but it is still very varied. If you don’t have time – they also sell takeaway vegan meat sandwiches. A convenient and delicious option for vegans in Tokyo station. 

vegan food in tokyo

Brown Rice by Neals' Yard Remedies

I found this paradise while strolling through Omote-Sando. It’s a little oasis in the busy city; the clean, Western design, decorated with Japanese motives (as the minimalist zen flower arrangement), gives an authentic touch.

I visited at lunchtime – but as I was on vacation I had a cake for lunch 🙃. They have quite a few options: tofu lemon cake, matcha ice-cream, and a white bean amazake dessert – all of them looked extremely beautiful. I ate the Yomogi Cake – which was very delicious! It was a sponge cake in some mysterious (green) flavor and came with white cream, red beans and was topped with sliced strawberry. It was then decorated with a rosemary leaf, which I later found out was grown in the garden of this café. The black coffee I ordered was also really good and was served with soy milk, agave syrup and a tiny energy-bar on the side.

It wasn’t cheap (1,350 yen for a coffee set), but worth it if you like special flavors with high-quality ingredients.

Unfortunately, I cannot say much about the lunch sets as I didn’t try them, but they looked really satisfying and delicious on other people’s tables.

If you’re around the area, I really recommend going here to escape from the buzz of the city.

vegan food in tokyo

Wired Bonbon

I can’t tell you what it’s like to live in Japan and see delicious parfait and other desserts on every corner. It doesn’t make it any easier that they all smell so good… that’s why Wired Bonbon was like heaven to me!

The place is not 100% vegan – but the desserts are! You can find vegan crepes, crème brûlée, soft creams, tiramisu, and many other cakes – isn’t that amazing?!

I tried the mont blanc tart and it was absolutely awesome. It was so perfect with the almond milk cappuccino that I ordered.

They also have gluten-free desserts, so if you’re avoiding gluten you’ll surely find this place appealing. All the food restrictions are marked on the menu. Go there – you won’t regret it!

vegan cafe tokyo
vegan cafe tokyo

Rainbow Bird Rendezvous

This 100% vegan restaurant is located in the chic area of Naka-Meguro Station, where you can eat and drink just under the railways.

Rainbow Bird Rendezvous is a small homey place that serves food from organic ingredients, with no gluten nor refined sugar. You can find burgers, soy cutlets, soup dishes, and sandwiches (these were all on the dinner menu). Aside from that, there are also really good desserts such as vegan ice cream and crêpes. Do try it out if you’re in the area.

The staff were super-duper nice, too!

Rainbow Bird Rendezvous

Ko-So Café

This cozy vegan restaurant near Ebisu station is a great option if you’re trying to keep it vegan, healthy, and delicious while traveling (or living) in Tokyo.

I really liked that they have a variety of dishes with a Japanese twist. They have a salad with seaweed and tofu, a buckwheat pizza, and many other interesting meals. We also tried the desserts that looked and tasted amazing.

It’s really one of my favorite vegan places in Tokyo!

ko so cafe

Captain Cook Tokyo*

*Unfortunately it seems like the place is permanently closed since Spring 2020. I hope it will reopen after COVID times.

An amazing British-concept restaurant in Roppongi. If you’re into English-style vegan meals, this is the best place to go. I really enjoyed Captain Cook Tokyo; it offers a different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also enjoy a nice cocktail at any time of the day.

Although this place is not 100% vegan, they do have many vegan and gluten-free options, indicated on the menu. The meals that caught my eye were obviously the vegan English breakfast and the French toast (I tried the later – and it was ridiculously delicious). Seriously – don’t miss this place whilst you’re in the big city.

captain cookn tokyo
captain cook tokyo

Veganic To Go*

*Unfortunately it seems like the place is permanently closed since Spring 2020. I hope it will reopen after COVID times.

A tiny restaurant, also in Roppongi, that is only open for lunch (and dinner on Friday and Saturday).

Actually, it’s a vegan burger heaven! The awareness and demand for gluten-free has risen, and Veganic To Go is catering to this: there’s a gluten-free mark on some of the dishes on the menu.

I ate the avocado tofu burger with hemp bun (which contains whole wheat, so that one is not gluten-free), and it was super delicious. It’s so fun to eat “fast food” in a “healthy” version, don’t you feel the same way?

They also have curry and some desserts, so you can choose your favorite.

veganic to go

Peace Café Hawaii - Tokyo

Located in Shibuya’s brand new Scramble Square Building’s B2 floor, which only opened on November 1st!

Peace Café, which has its first branch in Honolulu, offers the most colorful vegan options. Similarly to every food-stall floor in Japan, the food is for takeaway, so this is the place to buy your lunchbox (easily converted to dinner box, or any-time-of-the-day box 😉).

They have vegan sushi, vegan burgers, fried tofu, as well as brown rice, quinoa, many kinds of salad, smoothies, and even vegan ice cream. I had my lunch box in the Shinkansen back to Kyoto and enjoyed every bite!

vegan food in tokyo

Now you’re more than ready for your Tokyo trip – enjoy and Bon Appétit!

Do you have a favorite vegan food in Tokyo?

Which recommendation will you be trying when you visit?

Let us all know in the comments!

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