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100% Vegan Restaurants Around Kyoto Station

February 15, 2020

Kyoto Station is a place almost everyone passes through on their way to and from Kyoto. Even if you happened to arrive by car, itโ€™s still a lively place to hang at night. The station has a light show near the stairways, a night view of the city from Kyoto tower, and countless restaurants and bars. Since thereโ€™s so much to do, youโ€™ll surely need an energy charge when in the area. And what a better way to charge yourself than with vegan food? ๐Ÿ˜‰

In this post, I will present some great vegan restaurants around Kyoto Station and Gojo Street, which is not that far away.

almonds and nuts

Organic House Salute

This small cozy restaurant is conveniently located a few minutesโ€™ walk from Kyoto Station. I visited this place with a friend from Tokyo. The minute my friend stepped into the traditional Japanese house she said: โ€œWow, itโ€™s such a Kyotokind of placeโ€. It was so funny, because Iโ€™m so used to these kinds of places. Itโ€™s all wooden, small windows, taking your shoes off at the entrance, and only a few places to sit. A similar atmosphere can easily be found in other vegan places I wrote about (like here, here, and also here).

Last time I visited Salute we ate a hamburger and the curry set, both tasted really great. They also have the most amazing variety of raw vegan cakes โ€“ they look and taste really good! if youโ€™re into raw vegan desserts, this place might just work for you ๐Ÿ™‚.

vegan burger Kyoto
vegan curry Kyoto
vegan meal Kyoto
vegan cafe Kyoto
vegan cafe Kyoto

Vege Deli Kanna

One day, I was starving after work around Kyoto station. The problem was that the friend I worked with (and was planning to eat lunch with) isnot vegan at all. The reasonable thing to do was to go down to the food court of Kyoto Tower and grab a different dish each. Luckily I found Deli Kanna, and my friend grabbed lunch from a different shopโ€ฆ I canโ€™t remember quite what it was โ€“ but it wasnโ€™t vegan.

I got myself the curry from Vege Deli Kanna, which was a nice sized dish and came with pickles ย on the side. It was quite simple but satisfying. After eating we had a special โ€œdessertโ€ โ€“ a beer! Thatโ€™s what hard-working girls deserve โœŒ๏ธ.

If youโ€™re around Kyoto Station and hungry you can check it out. Itโ€™s also a recommended place to eat when youโ€™re hanging with a non-vegan friend.


The first thing I noticed about this place was its location: just in front of the beautiful Kamo River. Thereโ€™s a bar you can sit at and look at the river while wondering about the essence of life and eating delicious vegan food.

My partner and I went there one evening for dinner. He had the carbonara pasta which was very creamy and had a lot of mushrooms. On my side of the table, I had the Buddha bowl. It had everything I could wish for: vegetables, rice, a little bit of quinoa, lentils, and soy meat. It was very delicious (and the pasta too!). We enjoyed the flavors of both meals.

Veg-out is just a 10-minute walk from Kyoto station, on Shichijo bridge. You will enjoy it, Iโ€™m sure!

vegan pasta
Buddha bowl Kyoto

Kitten Company

Actually, I wanted to go to this cafรฉ for a long time โ€“ and the wait was definitely worth it! The place offers a lunch meal, a few desserts, and drinks. We ate โ€œsmilingโ€ curry and had two desserts: passionfruit and mango cake and banana bread cake. They were both just the right amount of sweet!

The whole of Kitten Company is decorated with countless items which have cats on them โ€“ itโ€™s so adorable! Asking the owner about the abundance of cats (in the placeโ€™s name as well), he said that it’s because his family owns a cat. They even threw a birthday party last year for the catโ€™s 20thย birthday. But generally, he said, they just love animals, and thatโ€™s the essential reason why the place is vegan.

One more fun thing to know: every 3rdย Sunday of the month, thereโ€™s an event at the cafรฉ. There are many stalls for organic products โ€“ so itโ€™s worth visiting if you happen to be around!

vegan curry
vegan desserts Japan
vegan cafe

Muku (Taiwan Vegetarian)

After visiting Taiwan, I have to say that whenever I smell Taiwanese food โ€“ my heart melts. Thatโ€™s one of the reasons I love to eat at Muku.

This place is actually the new version of the restaurant REN, which used to be located near Nijo Castle.

The new location is closer to downtown Kyoto and still serves the same traditional Taiwanese dishes. If youโ€™re into fish โ€“ do try the unagi set. I couldn’t believe itโ€™s not real fish (it definitely isnโ€™t)! And one last thing โ€“ the owner is one of the nicest women on earth!

vegan gyoza

BONUS - Bio Concept in Kyoto Station

*Unfortunately it seems like the place is permanently closed (updated in December 2020). I hope it will reopen after COVID times.

I accidentally found out about this place this week when strolling in Kyoto Station.

It is not 100% vegan, but has a vegan burger, pastas and very delicious desserts. All the vegan dishes are conveniently marked in the menu.

It’s the very best option in Kyoto Station itself.

I really hope youโ€™ll get to enjoy some of these restaurants when youโ€™re around that area!

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