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7 Eco-Friendly Low-Waste Essentials

March 14, 2020

I must admit, living low-waste in Japan wasn’t easy at the beginning. We can always think of another  thing that we need, especially in Japan, where consumerism is very present. There’s always a product out there that can make our lives better, easier, or just generally nicer. Therefore, it’s been quite a struggle to decide what I should purchase and what I can live without.

 Low-waste life certainly wasn’t easy, but becoming eco-friendly was even harder. This was only because there were so many products which I was using and really liked. After I finally found what worked for me, and was glad to live with it happily ever after – should I really give it up because it’s causing environmental damage? How in the world would I find an appropriate alternative? And how many alternative products might I purchase before I find something that actually works for me?

Luckily, I have the soul of a researcher (which is why I do what I do in life), so I patiently searched for eco-friendly alternatives. After quite a while of using these amazing products, again and again, I felt the need to share them with the world. So here they are, the eco-friendly and low-waste essentials I simply cannot live (nor travel) without.

zero waste essentials

This made-in-Japan bottle is the best bottle I’ve ever had! I had two others before this one, but Mosh proved to be the best. Remember it from this post which I wrote two years ago? So yes – it’s been serving me well since.

I love that I can use it for either cold or hot water, it’s 100% stainless steel, and most importantly – it’s completely sealed and never leaks!

I have the 450ml since I don’t like to carry too much weight, but 350ml is not enough. Reusable bottles are a great alternative to all the not-so-eco-friendly plastic bottles. The best way to reduce waste.

If you want to buy it in Japan you can find it here.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this mug! Besides the fact that it’s the most beautiful mug to carry with me everywhere, it has so many other traits that I love. Firstly, it’s stainless steel and never rusts. It has a firm plastic lid you can comfortably drink from without worrying it will burn your lips. And what I was most impressed about was: my coffee stays hot in this mug FOREVER. Way longer than any one-time-use paper cup, so it actually makes low-waste life much better.

I use this mug all the time – you can see it starring in my stories on Instagram.

I bought this mug in Amazon Japan and I just love it!

I have a few of these thermoses, as in Japan I always carry my vegan lunch with me. The one I have at the moment was bought at Nitori, but actually my ultimate favorite is this one from DaCool. This container will even save you the time to heat your food since it keeps it warm for hours. It also has the most gorgeous design.

A really great product if you take your food to work or school.

My hair was always thin and somewhat burned, but this shampoo really makes it shine!

Combine it with the Restorative Jason Biotin conditioner – and it’s a sure win. It makes your hair smooth, not oily nor dry, and has the most amazing smell that stays all day long. Now all my old favorite shampoos could never replace this one. I recommend it for anyone who wants stunning hair.

Finally, a sunscreen that does its job well! I was a bit hesitant buying it as I usually buy SPF 50, but this actually works better and stays longer than other sunscreens I’ve tried. It is a bit oily, but I figured that’s essential for water-proof sunscreens. Otherwise, they don’t stay on the skin, so it’s definitely worth it. With the Badger sunscreen, you can also dive and snorkel without causing any harm to the life underwater as it’s reef friendly. A must-buy before any summer vacation.

The most obvious thing to buy in my view. There’s no real justification in buying plastic toothbrushes when there’s such great alternatives. I was concerned at first since I have sensitive gums, but luckily I found this soft bristle bamboo brush that does its job efficiently and with no harm to my gums. It’s cheap, it’s eco-friendly, and it will stay with you for a long time. Really the best option for a toothbrush.

Let’s admit it: we will not compromise over our dental hygiene. Well, with this toothpaste you surely don’t need to. The Jason toothpaste is always in my bag, keeping my mouth fresh every time I brush my teeth. It’s really reassuring knowing that the materials I put in my mouth are safe for me, as well as for the environment. I honestly can’t remember what brushing my teeth was like before this.

Jason healthy mouth

By the way – you can get 5% discount for any order on iHerb by using my code RIF6769

You can also find there all kinds of vitamins – which is super important these days.

Being a conscious consumer might be a little challenging at times, but eventually it made my life so much better. I honestly feel the effects it has in so many areas of my life. Finding the right eco-friendly products to stick with me for a long time and that will serve me well changed everything for the better. That’s why I couldn’t help but share them with you guys.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. I truly believe this will take us one step closer to making this world a better place, no matter where we live.

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