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The Best Japanese Instagram Pages You Must Follow!

August 29, 2020

It’s very well-known that Japan has a completely different culture. If you live here like I do — you will see it everywhere.

But as our world is changing and becoming a digital village, it turns out you don’t need to live in Japan to see all the awesome things that happen here. Actually, some of the best things can only be seen in the digital medium. So you can admire the best of Japan without setting foot here. I’m talking about Instagram, of course.

In this post I want to share some of the best Japanese Instagram pages that I highly recommend you to check out. See what some of this country’s amazing content-creators have to offer:

@ryojiimaizumi – The Avant-guard hairdresser

Ever considered having your hair done with croissants or matches? Well, Imaizumi did. This super-creative hair stylist uses unexpected items to stretch the limits of what you can style hair with. You could also recommend this account to your personal hairdresser 😊.

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@Halno – The broomstick guy

Want to see the most beautiful places in Japan but tired of the repetitive ways they’re photographed? Kujiraoka is here to help you with that! Forget about Daniel Radcliff – this guy is jumping with his broomstick all over Japan (and the world!). His amazing photos are sure to bring a smile to your face.

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@bonpon511 – The cutest couple

This couple in their 60s document how they match clothes every day – and it’s adorable! Actually, there’s not much to say about this account – they’re just really fun to follow!

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@Tokyofashion – Street fashion in Tokyo

Think of all the associations you have when you think of the word “fashion”. Now – forget all about it! In Tokyo, this word receives a completely different interpretation. This Instagram account documents the most extraordinary street fashion you can think of. Originality is taken to the extreme here!

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@shibuyameltdown - Fear and Loathing in Tokyo

Here is something else that happens in the streets of Tokyo – more precisely, in Shibuya. As one of the centers of Tokyo, there’s a very lively nightlife. So after people leave the restaurants, bars, izakayas, clubs, or wherever they have been – sometimes they find it hard to handle their tiredness (or other states of consciousness).

This account will unapologetically show you what happens on some of these occasions. Check it out (but I’m not responsible for anything you’re about to see there)!

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@watanabenaomi703 – Your next role model

Naomi Watanabe is a Japanese comedian and a huge star in Japan. She truly rocks it with her plus-size body by owning it and showing it off in the most eye-catching pop-colored outfits. You’ve just got to love her!

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@gakugakugakugakugaku1 - the fruit whisperer

Conventional art? Pieces that last more than one day? Boring! Kishimoto will teach you the beauty of a very temporary art (literally speaking), as he’s a master of Thai fruit and vegetable carving. It is so marvelous you won’t be able to stop looking at it. 

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@bluevagabond - Japan's wander woman

That’s right – it’s me 🙂

In my Instagram account I bring you the best of Japan, including all the special places I visit, Japanese culture secrets, and my (not so) regular daily life in Japan.

Be a part of my journey and follow me!

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