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Not Only Sakura – Japan’s Most Stunning Blossoms – Save This Post!

June 29, 2021

Anyone who knows Japan well enough knows that the cherry blossom, aka the sakura, is only a part of the blossom festivals in the Land of the Rising Sun. There are lots of other gorgeous flowers in Japan, and although some of them can be found in many places around the world, there’s something different in Japan: The Japanese people plant the flowers in order to celebrate them! For us, the result is simply a treat for the eyes (and the camera 😉).

In this post I’ve listed most of the amazing blossoms in Japan you need to know about before you come. If you’re planning a trip, be sure to include in your itinerary sites according to the flowers that will be in bloom in the season you come in. It can turn a good trip into an unforgettable one!


The purplish flower some of us will recognize from the hair decorations of the apprentice geisha, the maiko, is not unique to Japan. The reason it’s so closely identified with Japan is that here it’s planted in such a way that it’ll be spectacularly beautiful, and you won’t want to (or be able to) look away.

mid April or early May (it varies from year to year)

The most beautiful places to see the blossoming:

ויסטריה ביפן


A flower that’s a bouquet!

The magnificent flower that comes in a host of bluish, purple, white and pink colors looks simply stunning in season. If you’re about to come for the summer – don’t forget to include in your itinerary the sites where it blossoms in all its splendor.

early June to early July

The most beautiful places to see the blossoming:

הידרנגאה (הורטנסיה)
הידרנגאה (הורטנסיה)

Japanese iris

If the daffodil is the king of the swamp, for me the iris is the king of the pond. The charming flowers are so pretty it’s virtually impossible to look away from them! I highly recommend checking where on your itinerary they’ll be in bloom if you’re touring Japan in summer.

late May to early July

The most beautiful places to see the blossoming:

אירוסים יפנים
אירוס יפני


The delightful flower that symbolizes Buddhist enlightenment loves to bloom alongside his peers in cool ponds at the peak of summer. Note that lotuses bloom in the morning, that is, if you’re going somewhere especially to see lotus flowers, get there before noon in order to see them at their best. I can’t describe how beautiful and special this flower is.

mid July to mid August

The most beautiful places to see the blossoming:

לוטוס ביפן
פרח הלוטוס


One of the first flowers to bloom after the winter hibernation. Plum blossoms are gorgeous and somewhat reminiscent of the cherry blossoms (spectacular flowering trees). But plum blossoms are generally a more intense pink, alongside other colors such as white and bright pink. You really can’t afford to miss the plum blossom if you’re in Japan in winter.

February and March

The most beautiful places to see the blossoming:

פריחת השזיף יפן
פריחת השזיף יפן

A few more points on the flowers in Japan that you’ll want to take note of:

・The weather in Japan varies a lot from region to region. The blossoming dates I’ve written here are valid for most of Honshu island (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka), but can differ if you’re somewhere extremely hot or cold.

・Because the blossoming can be early or late (depending on the year), always check before you go somewhere specifically to see blossoms. Ask the hotel lobby to give the garden, temple or shrine a call and ask whether it is worth the visit.

・In this post I’ve listed the places that are the absolute best, but that’s far from all the sites with amazing blossoms. Ask about the blossoms in every city you go to. That way, you can discover places that only the locals know about, and which could be even better than the famous sites.

・There are loads of other flowers in Japan and seasonal natural phenomena worth seeing. Always look them up before your trip to get the best enjoyment of them.

When did you plan to come to Japan?
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