Kyoto at Night

Kyoto at Night – Modern & Traditional Japanese Atmosphere

May 29, 2021

There’s nothing I like better than walking around Kyoto at night time.

There’s something so mysterious in the air, words cannot explain.

The best place to wander around is definitely Gion district, where the traditional old houses, the Geiko (Kyoto’s apprentice Geisha), and the small izakayas stand aside the modern buildings, the Neon signs and the cars driving fast on Shijo and Higashioji Dori intersection.

On one of those nights, we took the camera along with us. Here are the results:

גייקו בגיון

Geiko on their way to work. Only they know where they’re heading to.

גיון שירקאווה

The rainy season came early this year (usually it’s in June and July).

מקדש יאסקה

Yasaka Shrine marks the end of Shijo street on its east side.

סמטאות גיון

Every corner leads to an alley which leads to a small izakaya or a tiny shrine.

קיוטו בלילה

Classic Kyoto night time view.

גיון בלילה

This okonomiyaki restaurant stay open even when there are no tourists in the city.

מקדש גיון

Finding magical places is inevitable. 

גיון בלילה

And to think that this was one of the busiest streets in Kyoto when we had inbound tourism.

קיוטו בלילה

White chef cooks to local customers.

קיוטו בלילה

There’s no place I’d rather be. Kyoto 2021.

Did I make you want to spend a night or two in Kyoto?
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